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Corporate Leadership Training & Programs

People are an organization’s most valuable resource. How much are you investing in your most important asset?

As people rise into leadership roles, expectations increase exponentially. It is vital to equip new, emerging and seasoned leaders with the know-how, tools and techniques to respond to challenges and demands. In order to lead, direct, inspire and motivate with confidence leaders need a well developed sense of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Strategy and communication need to align in order to lead effectively.

When organisations have strong, effective, self-aware leaders, they achieve superior results.

Suzan has worked with leaders at all levels within organisations to master inter-personal competence, personal well-being and increased effectiveness. She facilitates 1:1 coaching and training as well as team training. Suzan also runs a 9-month long corporate leadership programs using her expertise in the psychological patterns (Archyteps) that influence human behaviour and determine results. This program is focused on creating self-awareness and a deeper understanding of human behaviour as a foundation for effective communication that inspires results.

Suzan is a Medical Doctor (MBBCH),

Homeopath (MFHom, CEDH)

Jungian Analyst (IAAP),

Depth Coach

and internationally certified Systemic and Organizational Constellation Facilitator.

From a general management perspective – I would utilise this program again and would not run a leadership development program without it included. Well done Suzan and thank you for valued contribution to the teams development.

Eleanor Potter

MTN – General Manager: Branded Retail Channel

I highly recommend the Male Archetype Workshop as it not only increases the individual’s consciousness level regarding their inner being and internal workings but also creates a level of understanding when relating to others. This level of consciousness allows the individual to accept themselves and others, understand actions and relate accordingly, which is essential in current business environments.

Gary Whittaker

Senior Manager: Trade Marketing

This work has a great deal to offer corporate South Africa, for the empowerment of woman and men leaders and increased capacity for authentic, visible and powerful leadership able to navigate as a change network in building a successful 21’st century organization.

Shekinah Dunnink

Business Transformation Lead

This workshop helped me gain insight into my core archetype and has assisted me in my career progress and to make significant life changes. I would highly recommend this workshop for Corporate Leaders.

Philippa Reekie

Change Manager: Branded Retail Channel Integration

For me this process made me realise who I am and how to use certain strengths at various times. I now tend to show care in not breaking down people when I am not happy with them. Knowing my Archetypes has now opened me up to a different ways of working and dealing with people.


Senior Manager: BRC Integration


Please provide details of the coaching or training required including dates, number of attendees, current challenges and desired outcomes and we will be in touch.