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Feminine Way Leadership Live – Retreat for Women

The Feminine Way Leadership Live Residential Retreat is a sensory imersion into seven key Goddess Archytypes where we focus on deepening our authentic feminine power and embodying our leadership. We come together in sisterhood and make use of practices and rituals that ensure each Archetype is experienced rather than simply understood on a mental level. This journey is filled with fun, laughter and teachings that will aliven and align your daily experience with your values and the future you want to create.

Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful weekend of teachings – I now see the Feminine and the Goddess almost everywhere. The attention to detail during the entire retreat was phenomenal and it was a great privilege for me to attend. A gift every woman owes to herself and her daughters – the understanding of the Feminine and loving support of other women travelers. I thank you for helping me make sense of womanhood in all its beautiful, frightening, enlightening aspects.

Desray Clark

Head of Leadership Development – Anglo American

This retreat with Suzan is beautiful and powerful. It brought me into a place of deeper and more satisfying understanding of myself and other women and this still lives with me daily – even years later. It is truly transformational and if I were responsible for the national curriculum I would include this course in education for all girls and women. It’s that good!

Kate Clements

Head of Biodanza School (Australia)

Participating in the retreats was a rich and emotionally wonderful multilayered experience. It showed me that I was so very much more than who I thought I was and that there was so much more to explore. For the first time ever I experienced the powerful and grounding embrace of sisterhood, a sense of belonging that continues to nourish me on this journey with the Feminine in Her many facets.

Helen Donovan

Web Editor & Designer – Wits University

This retreat and Suzan (facilitator) took me on a journey of self-discovery, self-exploration and self-healing. I am the initiator of the path I travel and have the power to co-create my life. I am currently on a path of love, independence and power. This retreat helped me to realize that I am in a powerful position with an inner community of all Feminine Archetypes and an outer community as resources.

Engela Schutte

Manager: Events – ABSA

I love the ongoing process of shedding layers and layers of imposed belief systems by culture, religion, teachers and parents because this is the path to reveal my Authentic Self. The Archetypes have give me the opportunity to recognize different aspects in myself and have provided the tools to balance them. I have learned to let go of judgment; in particular of women whose behavior I did not understand because I was not familiar with their Archetype. I felt threatened by them. I treasure being part of a growing sisterhood of all ages, the common sharing, learning, laughing, crying, transforming and I am looking forward to my eighth Goddess workshop.

Dolores Suter

Wife, Mother, Musician and Soul Seeker

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You can also find out more about Feminine Way Leadership Course HERE.

Male Leadership Archetypes Live – Workshop for Men

The Male Leadership Archetypes Live is an in-person workshop that gives participants a new and profound understanding of the patterns at play in their psyche that both influence their behaviour and results and determine their ability to transition into the different roles men are required to play in our modern world.

What we do in this workshop:

  • We use 4 indigenous Archetypes as well as eight of the most prominent Archetypes of the Greek Gods to both challenge and redefine stereotypical roles and expectations.
  • We build a new understanding of integrated masculine power and authentic leadership.
  • We explore the historical context for the collective understanding of masculinity and leadership and how they have informed your choices and lived experience. The Archetypes you most strongly identify with will reveal your thinking style and the motivation behind certain patters of behavior.
  • We address some of the current challenges you are facing and give you the tools to understand them as opportunities for growth and evolution.
  • We shed light on the underdeveloped aspects of your psyche that have been keeping you from experiencing the fullness of life and the richness of achieving aligned results.

Studying the archetypes for even just one weekend helped me realize how common my struggles are and that in turn makes it easier for me to forgive myself in some of my misguided outcomes. The archetypes workshop assisted my move from a problem solving orientation, to a way in which I really allow me to go with myself.


It’s important to know with whom and what type of person I’m dealing with. In gaining knowledge of different archetypes comes the ability, understanding and tolerance to handle situations much better. Including finding ways and means to solve problems in an ever-increasing useful approach. So there you are, get in touch with that knowledge.


This workshop grounded archetypal understanding of myself especially in relation to others. Experientially this work had profound impact that has remained clear and accessible with me in the weeks following the weekend. I would suggest anyone who is interested in a deeper understanding of the male psyche to explore this contained content presented in a wonderful way.


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Systematic Constellation Workshops

For those interested in understanding and addressing the epigenetic influences of the personal as well as collective unconscious whether it be ancestral, familial or organisational on their health, wealth and relationships.

Family Constellation Workshops are based on the work of Bert Hellinger which sought to uncover and reveal the entanglements and hidden dynamics in relationships.

Hidden interpersonal and unconscious dynamics are brought to light by having the client use the workshop participants to create a constellation of his or her family, work or community system. The participants, representing members of the system, are positioned in the room by the client, creating a living model of the system. The Facilitator then leads the client and the participants through a process that reveals highly valuable information and heals destructive dynamics within the system, by introducing new conscious behaviours and approaches. A new more healthy and compassionate way of relating is brought into the system that allows the client to heal from the effects of the harmful dynamics.

Participants not only find the process deeply rewarding but often walk away with deeper insight into the dynamics at play in the systems they operate in as well as in the patterns in their own psyche.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Know or suspect that unresolved issues from your childhood are holding you back from truly enjoying and experiencing the fulness of life.
  • Have a difficult relationship with a family member, friend, colleague or partner that you just can’t seem to fix.
  • Are struggling with a physical illness or chronic pain and are wondering if there are any unconscious reasons or contributing factors to your illness/pain.
  • Would like to be of service to others and help them heal from harmful patterns and dynamics.
  • Are interested in learning about unconscious patters of behaviour, how they influence your current reality and how you can transform them into more positive outcomes and experiences.

Healing destructive ancestral, familial and organisational dynamics and patters of behaviour not only serves us and improves our lives in every respect but saves the next generation from having to do the difficult work of resolving our unconscious content.

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Family constellations facilitated by Suzan are an amazing opportunity to increase personal consciousness. The privilege to learn from others in the safe and secure environment she creates is a challenging, humbling and powerful process. To learn from the collective, conscious and unconscious, and make a meaningful impact and contribution to the consciousness of others and oneself is extremely rewarding.

Albert du Preez

Head of TOMRA Sorting South Africa