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Master your own version of success and well being to contribute to the collective well being of others and the world.

Who You Are…

You are a conscious, hard-working, intelligent, caring person who senses that there is more to life than your current reality. You feel a calling to build a life that reflects your highest potential and to make your mark on the world in a way that is authentic and meaningful to you. You are ready to create what you want to see in your world from the inside out because you know that true leadership starts with you.

What You Are Looking For…

  • A trusted expert who can help you navigate your own personal journey inside of our larger, collective story of human conditioning, to make new sense of your own lived experience.
  • To discover your natural gifts and talents and apply them within a more relational and feminine paradigm of leadership that allows you to thrive in all areas of your life.
  • To be liberated from the painful patterns of the past and become free to unleash your deepest potentials.
  • To deepen your relationships and capacity for intimacy, love and connection.
  • To be able to trust your instincts, impulses and intuition to boldy move forward in the direction your life is calling you to.

How would it feel to?

  • Get crystal clear on what you want your life to look like and how you can bring this vision into reality?
  • Be aligned with your deepest calling and purpose?
  • Be confident and believe in yourself with unwavering trust?
  • Understand the steps that you need to take to move your life forward in a balanced and creative way?
  • Spend more time doing things that are meanigful to you?
  • Wake up energised and passionate about your life?
  • Understand your unconscious fears, patterns and beliefs and be able to stop them from holding you back?

Work with Me

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Personal analysis and coaching has enabled me to become more conscious. I believe our ability to live meaningful and fulfilled lives are directly reliant on our level of personal consciousness. My amazing journey with Suzan has therefore impacted every facet of my life and enabled me to make more discerning decisions and meaningful contributions in everyday life. I am living a more connected, spiritual life and will encourage anyone who has sufficient courage and dedication, to embark on this amazing journey of self-discovery. It is the best investment I have ever made in my life and the single biggest gift I have given myself and those around me.

Albert du Preez

Head of TOMRA Sorting Southern Africa | TOMRA Sorting (Pty) Ltd

My personal work with Suzan helped me to transform my patriarchal limiting beliefs inherited from the culture and society enabling me to give the Feminine aspects of myself a voice. As a result I am now showing up as an equal partner in my marriage and in my role as a mother. I have changed my family pattern of children should be seen and not heard into children should be seen AND heard. Instead of judging and blaming others I now take responsibility for myself and find healing within. Perhaps my biggest change is in having learned to love and care for my body through incorporating the Soul connection. This journey is an ongoing process and it allows me to discover more wonderful attributes that continue to enrich my life

Dolores Suter

Wife, Mother, Musician and Soul Seeker

Analysis introduced a tangible and welcome level of support and meaning throughout this process. I was able to access a lot of insight working with Suzan specifically through dreams, personal sessions and group work. The work allowed me to become more honest with myself and ok with being me as well as being more ok with the challenging relationships I experience in my family. The process has been transformational, deepening and educational, signified by periods of disruptive growth. As an analyst Suzan has been good fit for me and I consistently felt safe and welcome to return to our work when I was ready to.


Doctoral Student in Psychotherapy & Counselling

I used to have no control over migraines and depression. To medicate was not an option and I refused to settle for this is just how it is for me. It turns out that my physical symptoms were rooted in deeper psychological centers that once addressed relieved the symptoms and restored my health and well-being. The insights I have gained from working with Suzan have helped me and enriched my life immensely.

Reto Suter


I have been working with Suzan for 6 months now and have experienced a remarkable shift in this short time. A deeper understanding of my inner life is surfacing and with it more confidence in myself and in the world at large. In my work as a Project Manager I play an important role in bringing people in a matrix structure to achieve objectives. The personal work I have done with Suzan has helped me to understand the reasons why I respond to people and challenges in certain ways and also to understand the same in the people I facilitate to meet common objectives. This understanding is helping me to be more compassionate with myself and with others and at the same time more effective. I attribute this directly to Suzan and her ability to integrate, facilitate and clarify compassionately and also assertively as the situation needs. I am truly grateful that I found Suzan and have been able to embark on my journey with her.

Sandra Hutchison

Programme Manager