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Dr. Suzan Hojdar

Suzan Hojdar is a Medical Doctor (MBBCH), Homeopath (MFHom, CEDH) Jungian Analyst (IAAP), Biodanza Teacher, Depth Coach and internationally certified Systemic and Organizational Constellation Facilitator.

Suzan is the founder of Feminine Way Leadership, a highly transformative teaching program that facilitates personal, relational and professional success and well-being for individuals and organisations alike. She has trained professional psychologists and psychiatrists in Jungian principles and has worked with hundreds of clients over the past three decades to facilitate profound positive transformation.

In addition to her teaching work, Suzan is an international public speaker and has been featured on Kaya FM, SABC and a number of other media outlets.

One would just not expect to discover that the solution lies in the innermost chamber of one’s being, the place where you never expect it to be, that place, once pried open, where hope starts to unravel and the eyes start to see the full spectrum of colour of the psyche, as if for the first time. You realise that there is tremendous beauty on the inside. This is how profoundly moving Suzan’s facilitation is of delicate and complex life matters.

Maria Vieira

Corporate Professional

I have been doing personal work under the guidance of Suzan for over 10 years. The nature of this work is, at times, very challenging. However, I have found Suzan to be professional, committed and dedicated to her clients in their process of individuation and personal growth. She has helped me move from being desperate to find emotional stability in my close personal relationships to overcoming many of my false belief systems. This has enabled me to lead a healthier, more connected and fulfilled life.

Chris Ziranek

George Ross – Judge on Celebrity Apprentice, Former Legal Advisor to President Donald Trump.

JT Foxx – World’s No.1 Wealth Coach

Randi Zuckerberg – Former Director of Market Development at Facebook

Ndaba Mandela – Nelson Mandela’s Grandson

JT Foxx & Wayde van Niekerk (Current World Olympic Holder – 400m)