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Evolutionary Book Club

Brought to you and led by Dr Suzan Hojdar

What is the Evolutionary Book Club?

The Evolutionary Book Club is a one of a kind way for women to come together and learn about the psychology of women and the female psyche. Through myth and stories we glimpse the creative impulses of our soul and learn to express the unfolding of our own instincts, wisdom and intuition.

What books do we read?

We are currently reading Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés whose work uses myths, fairy tales, folk tales, and stories to help women reconnect with the fierce, healthy, visionary attributes of their instinctual feminine nature.

How does it work?

We gather together with like minded souls and Suzan leads us through the maze of meaning and psychological signatures within the text. She unpacks the content in a way that facilitates deeply enriching conversation and powerful sharing amongst the participants.

We laugh, we learn, we create beautiful friendships and we leave having received profound insight into our own psyche.

I have participated in a number of reading circles with Suzan over the last 8 years and keep going back for more. The reason for this is that working through a story slowly, looking at what surfaces personally, and discussing how this applies in my own life, as well as being able to hear and learn from others’ insights, provides a depth of understanding that cannot otherwise be achieved. It has helped me understand myself and significant people in my life better, and has deepened my understanding of the human condition overall and the opportunities life provides for all of us to become our best selves and make a contribution to the world in our own unique way. For me, personally, the layered approach that Suzan facilitates to help me go ever deeper into my own psyche, has helped me to connect powerfully with my core purpose and values. The effect of this has been immensely positive in my work as a facilitator and executive coach, in my personal relationships, and in my well-being as a whole

Riëtte Ackermann

Executive Coach & Learning Consultant | MPhil Personal & Professional Leadership

Some of the treasure I have found through working with Suzan’s deep analytical guidance, interpretation and sense-making of classical mythology and fairytales translates into deep insight and a profound application that has led to positive transformation in different aspects of my life.

Maria Vieira

Corporate Professional

I am now participating in the 4th of the stories. Along with Suzan’s interpretations and group interactions, I was surprised by the depth of insights and wisdom that the stories offer. I am realising how vitally important my Feminine realm is to me and how it helps me with my balance of the opposites.


We read books that open us up to new ways of thinking and being

Frequenty Asked Questions

Do I have to buy the book?

You don’t have to buy the book we are currently reading but it will help you get the most out of Suzan’s teachings and make it easier to share your thoughts and insights with the other participants.

Where does the book club take place?

The book club takes place at Suzan’s office’s in Johannesburg, however you do not have to attend in person to join. We have participants who dial in via Skype to take part.

Is there a charge?

Yes, there is a charge to join the Evolutionary Book Club as Suzan prepares rich teachings to share with the group and facilitates the discussion.

Can I pay only for each Book Club meet up I attend?

No, you pay for the number of sessions it takes to cover each story, myth or fairytale you want to participate in.

What if I miss a Book Club meet up?

Recordings will be provided to those who are unable to attend in person.

This is your chance to finally read those incredible books you’ve been wanting to read FOREVER but never seem to get round to doing.


  • The chance to explore your own psyche through Archetypes, myth and story inside of our larger collective stories to make new sense of your lived experience.
  • An opportunity to unwind and connect with incredible like minded women and some wonderfully enlightened men to experience the exponential learning that happens when we come together in community and support one another.
  • An opportunity to nourish yourself and reconnect with your soul in a fun, friendly environment.
Together we create a framework to gracefully dive into the deepest parts of our psyche and generate perspectives that excite and enliven us.

For more info and to join the Evolutionary Book Club simply click on the button below:

Evolutionary Book Club Self Study Track

Like what you see but don’t have the time to join us live for the Evolutionary Book club?

No problem! With the self-study track you get access to all of the content that participants who attend live get but you can dive into the material at your own pace from the comfort of your home.


STEP 1: You choose the story, myth or fairy tale you want to purchase.

STEP 2: We send you:

  • A summary and review of each story, myth or fairy tale;
  • Reflection questions to engage your psyche and evolve your consciousness
  • Audio recordings of the book club sessions
Choose your Story, Myth or Fairy Tale
The Tale of Blue Beard

What you will learn...

In this self-study course you will learn how to transform your inner critic and the patterns of thinking that have kept you stuck, overwhelmed and unable to take action in the direction of your deeper desires and longings.

What you will get...

The story of Blue Beard

x9 Modules including Reflection Questions

Evolutionary Book Club audio recordings

When you evolve your relationship with yourself, you are able to access authetic power and align yourself with the highest possibilities for your life.

Buy Now
The Handless Maiden

What you will learn...

This self-study course is for you if you are in the middle of a crisis, unsure of your next steps in life or know what you want but feel like you are unable to create or manifest it. You will learn how what you perceive as your limitations are cultural wounds that can be overcome and transformed into tools for your highest growth and evolution.

What you will get...

The story of the Handless Maiden

Modules including reflection questions

Audio recordings of Suzan talking you through the content

When we turn towards our fear and heal our pain we are able to access our natural gifts and talents and move our lives forward in exponential leaps.

Buy Now
Skeleton Woman

What you will learn...

In this self-study course you will learn how to turn life’s natural life-death-life cycles and challenges into opportunities for growth, creativity and contribution.

What you will get...

The story of Skeleton Woman

x6 Modules including Reflection Questions

Evolutionary Book Club audio recordings

Learn the alchemy true human beings know. The moment you accept what troubles you've been given the door with open - Rumi

Buy Now
Resurrection of the Wild Woman

What you will learn...

In this self-study course you will learn how to embrace your own spiritual quest while embarking on a passage of self-determination and a return to your instinctive psyche.

What you will get...

The Resurrection of the Wild Woman story

Modules including reflection questions

Evolutionary Book Club audio recordings

When we listen to our soul speak and reclaim our vital wild self, we are able to stand in the ashes of all that has fallen away and create our lives anew in the image of our immense value.

Buy Now
Vasalisa the Wild

What you will learn...

In this self-study course you will learn how to trust your intuition and deepen your ability to be resilient when faced with new and unknown circumstances. This course will guide you in becoming the pioneer of your life and master of your destiny through the use of your own inner compass as your guide.

What you will get...

The story of Vasalisa

Modules including reflection questions

Evolutionary Book Club audio recordings

You have a divine spark within you that knows what your next steps are. That spark is your intuition.

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Hymn for the Wild Man

What you will learn...

In this self-study course you will learn what it takes to go beneath the surface of your identity and explore the true dual nature of your essence and soul. If you are looking for a romantic relationship this story will shine a light on how to choose the right partner and know you have found the one. For those in an established romantic partnership, this course will help take your relationship to the next level of relating.

What you will get...

The Hymn for the Wild Man Story

Modules including reflection questions

Evolutionary Book Club audio recordings

This course is for you if you are ready to uncover your deepest desires and the true nature of your soul.

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