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Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful weekend of teachings – I now see the Feminine and the Goddess almost everywhere. The attention to detail during the entire retreat was phenomenal and it was a great privilege for me to attend. A gift every woman owes to herself and her daughters – the understanding of the Feminine and loving support of other women travelers. I thank you for helping me make sense of womanhood in all its beautiful, frightening, enlightening aspects.

Desray Clark

Head of Leadership Development - Anglo American

This retreat with Suzan is beautiful and powerful. It brought me into a place of deeper and more satisfying understanding of myself and other women and this still lives with me daily - even years later. It is truly transformational and if I were responsible for the national curriculum I would include this course in education for all girls and women. It's that good!

Kate Clements

Head of Biodanza School (Australia)

Participating in the retreats was a rich and emotionally wonderful multilayered experience. It showed me that I was so very much more than who I thought I was and that there was so much more to explore. For the first time ever I experienced the powerful and grounding embrace of sisterhood, a sense of belonging that continues to nourish me on this journey with the Feminine in Her many facets.

Helen Donovan

Web Editor & Designer - Wits University

This retreat and Suzan (facilitator) took me on a journey of self-discovery, self-exploration and self-healing. I am the initiator of the path I travel and have the power to co-create my life. I am currently on a path of love, independence and power. This retreat helped me to realize that I am in a powerful position with an inner community of all Feminine Archetypes and an outer community as resources.

Engela Schutte

Manager: Events - ABSA